About Us


traveljewish was founded in 2000 by Deb Miller while based in Buenos Aires.

Along with a dedicated support crew working toward the mission to bring people together meaningfully to listen, to observe, and ultimately to share Jewish stories.

We hope to enrich your travel journey with a Jewish twist.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Team traveljewish


Interview from Deb Builder (Jewish Adventures) to Deb Miller


Question:  Why traveljewish?

Answer: Simply, I am fascinated by the opportunity to celebrate Jewish community. By matching Jewish travelers with Jewish locals and their history, I feel I get to play a privileged role in bridging our global Jewish community together, providing what is hopefully a memorable travel & life experience.

When I moved to Buenos Aires in 1999, the opportunity presented itself to do be a connector of guests and locals, and I did so by creating walking tours of (Jewish) Buenos Aires for guests who sought a personalized visit with a local host.

Question: What's the one thing you would recommend doing while in Buenos Aires?

Answer:  Taking a tango class, visiting Paso synagogue, and having a coffee in the Recoleta neighborhood.

Question: What's your thought on Jewish singles trips?

Answer: I've both attended and hosted and have had the good fortune of meeting truly wonderful people,

Suggestions: Try to go with a friend, enjoy the journey, and minimize expectations to meet that Special Someone.

Question: Have travel tips?

Answer: Drink lots of fluids, pack only items that you can afford to lose, confirm your hotel and flight (both ways), and, in my opinion, the scheduling of less is more.

Question: Your best travel tale?

Answer: Walking into a synagogue in a foreign place and feeling at Home.