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We organize Jewish Day Tours, Jewish Group Trips, and provide trip planning assistance.

We began in 2000 out of Buenos Aires and have since grown to include destinations around the globe!

One of our favorite tours is Adventures in Art; we invite our guests to meet local, nationally recognized Jewish artists at their private studios. We find the more creative the connection to local Jewish community, the richer!

Please be in touch if we can help you plan a trip to, say, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, or Berlin!  

Happy Trails!

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Our Day Tours

We'd like to help you get connected to your destination, meaningfully. We appreciate your visit to our website featuring a small sampling of our day tours and destinations. 


Group Tours

Small Group Tours & What I love about BA.

What I love about BA is the people, the food, and the customs around taking time to take time.

Portenyos (“people from the Port”) tend towards a dry sense of humor, boast a wonderful food tradition (with heavy Italian influence, one of my personal favorite food traditions) and relish coming together and being with their loved ones regularly. It is a heavily nocturnal culture.

Argentina is country that understands that family and friendships are to be celebrated and its people spend time spending time together. 

Meals are long and savored. Weddings go on through the night until the morning. 

Fashion, physique and self-image are not trivial matters and, while it’s a casual one, the runway in Buenos Aires is alive and kicking on every street corner.

So how does a tourist tap into what’s ultimately a private celebration among a country’s citizens (and also dress for the occasion)?

Our proposal is to connect an intimate group of travelers with a local host and activity leaders that share their love for country and community, and invite you into the stories that make up the fabric of this human quilt.

And, because we are particularly fond of sharing the Jewish threads of that story, we emphasize doorways into past influences of today’s story.

What was it like coming up in a country, largely of immigrants, at a time that wasn’t particularly philo-Semitic.

What is like to live as part of a Jewish community in a Catholic country?

How did the loss of democracy in Argentina during the Dirty War impact the Jewish community?

There are so many stories to share – please come join us for them!

And don’t forget to book time to do as the portenyos do: sit at corner café and people watch and sip your café con leche


Tango & The City

This Buenos Aires Urban Adventure is a multi-day traveljewish group trip!

Join us for an exceptional travel experience as we explore the splendid nuances of Buenos Aires, have a taste of her more classic traditions, and connect personally to the people living here.

A fantastic tradition in Buenos Aires, and a prominent feature of this urban adventure taking place in Buenos Aires, is, but of course, “el tango.”

An appreciation for the romance of this sensual dance form will be offered via opportunities to attend performances, group (and if desired, private) instruction, and to watch locals show off their stuff.

traveljewish takes mealtime seriously, and one of several gastronomic highlights on our itinerary includes an evening of wine sampling of the local vino and a memorable meal at one of Buenos Aires’ oldest wine clubs. Argentina is the famed country of Meat, as you probably have heard, but vegetarians, fret not, as we’re looking forward to taking good care of you, too.

As a complement to your dining and dancing activities, join us as we explore both the famous and hidden delights of this heavily European-influenced city. We’ll provide insights on history, art, & architecture via walking tours and museum jaunts. From the historic Plaza de Mayo to boating on the famous Rio de la Plata, you’ll get a behind the scenes tour without the touristy flavor!

On Friday night, get ready for a fabuloso Shabbat gathering hosted by a local chef. Shabbat evening services are optional at a local community.

Looking forward to hosting you!

Buying Property in NYC founder Deb Miller invites you to a sit down tour to learn about purchasing real estate in NYC.

Buy-Curious roundtable takes place in Harlem on Sunday mornings.

All, if not most, of your questions answered.

1 hour learning tour.


General Terms & Conditions

traveljewish, its owners, associates, officers, directors, representatives, agents and employees (collectively "traveljewish") give notice that they assume no responsibility for any expenses, injury, loss or damage to person or property in connection with, resulting from or related to any service or trip booked through traveljewish when such injury, loss or damage results directly or indirectly from acts of God, detention, annoyance, delays, quarantine, strikes, thefts, pilferage, force majeure, failure of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled, civil disturbances, government restrictions or regulations, discrepancies or change in transit or hotel service, or any other events over which traveljewish has no control.

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traveljewish reserves the right to withdraw a tour or any part of it, to make such alterations in the itinerary as it deems necessary for the comfort or well-being of the participants and to pass on to tour members any expenditure or losses caused by delays or events beyond its control. With advance deposit to traveljewish or any of its agents, the depositor therefore agrees to be bound by the above recited terms and conditions.

Guests with existing medical conditions should make them known to
traveljewish prior to departure. Guests are expected to take special care and practice precautionary measures during all day-tour activities. Guests should advise day-tour hosts at once regarding any illness or injury. traveljewish assumes no liability for costs of evacuation, provision of medical care, and/or tour cancellation. We strongly recommend that trip participants purchase on their own a short-term traveler's insurance covering baggage, accident/life and trip cancellation.


traveljewish and its designated representatives reserve the right to disqualify any person as member of any trip or tour, should such person's actions or general deportment impede the operation of the trip or tour or the rights or welfare or enjoyment of other members of the trip. Refunds are usually not given under these circumstances. In such extraordinary instances when a refund is granted, it is agreed that a refund based on the actual cost of the unused land services is the limit of traveljewish's responsibility.

Guest Change/Cancellation Policy

traveljewish Limit of Responsibility Refunds on tours/services minus a US$30 administrative fee, are granted with a minimum of 72 hours guest cancellation notice in advance of tour time. There are no refunds on day tours for cancellations with less than 72 hours advance notice. Delayed start: Should a guest arrive late or be delayed in arriving the tour must be paid in full, without exception and the tour will end at the originally scheduled time. Rescheduling of the tour will be accommodated when possible at full price. Refunds on travel packages will be addressed on a case by case basis. traveljewish does not guarantee refunds on cancelled travel packages; US$175 administrative fee is due for all guest cancellations on travel packages without exception. traveljewish will not be held responsible for costs incurred for travel packages sold which are affected byairline delays/cancellations—we highly recommend trip insurance to this point. Change Fees: Guests who request changes to a confirmed tour reservation/travel package will be billed us$10 per revised confirmation form to the guest credit card/s on file. 

Please note all sign-ups and/or reservation change requests must be made by the guest in writing and can only be considered confirmed when the guest has received a confirmation form from traveljewish. traveljewish offices are closed on weekends and major Jewish holidays.

traveljewish Cancellation Policy

traveljewish reserves the right to cancel any tour. In the event of such a cancellation, those with confirmed reservations shall be notified as promptly as possible, and a complete refund will be given. traveljewish and participating agents are not responsible for any expenses incurred for non-refundable air tickets, equipment, medical costs, etc. 


About Us


traveljewish was founded in 2000 by Deb Miller while based in Buenos Aires.

Along with a dedicated support crew working toward the mission to bring people together meaningfully to listen, to observe, and ultimately to share Jewish stories.

We hope to enrich your travel journey with a Jewish twist.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Team traveljewish


Interview to Deb (traveljewish) from Deb, Builder (Jewish Adventures)


Deb (Jewish Adventures)Why traveljewish?

Deb (traveljewish): Simply, I am fascinated by the opportunity to celebrate Jewish community. By matching Jewish travelers with Jewish locals and their history, I feel I get to play a privileged role in bridging our global Jewish community together, providing what is hopefully a memorable travel & life experience.
When I moved to Buenos Aires in 1999, the opportunity presented itself to do be a connector of guests and locals, and I did so by creating walking tours of (Jewish) Buenos Aires for guests who sought a personalized visit with a local host.

Deb (Jewish Adventures): What's the one thing you would recommend doing while in Buenos Aires?

Deb (traveljewish): Taking a tango class, visiting Paso synagogue, and having a coffee in the Recoleta neighborhood. Those are three things. 

Deb (Jewish Adventures) : What's your thought on Jewish singles trips?

Deb (traveljewish): I've both attended and hosted and have had the good fortune of meeting truly wonderful people, 
Suggestions: Try to go with a friend, enjoy the journey, and minimize expectations to meet that Special Someone.

Deb (Jewish Adventures): Have travel tips?

Deb (traveljewish): Drink lots of fluids, pack only items that you can afford to lose, confirm your hotel and flight (both ways), and, in my opinion, the scheduling of less is more.

Deb (Jewish Adventures): Your best travel tale?

Deb (traveljewish): Walking into a synagogue in a foreign place and feeling at Home.

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